Kua Fu Chasing the Sun

A long time ago, there was a mountain named "Chengdu Zaitian" in the vast wilderness. This mountain was home to the Kua Fu tribe, whose members were all tall and mighty with super strength like giants.

Kua Fu Chasing the Sun taikongsky

Catching sight of the sunrise and sunset. Kua Fu suddenly hit upon an idea that he wanted to race against the sun to see who ran faster. Then next day, the moment the sun came out, he took a big step and ran towards the sun at full speed. The sun, however, was not still, and it steadily rose from the horizon, reached the highest point and then descended to the west.

Kua Fu Chasing the Sun-taikongsky

Kua Fu could not stop for an instant, and he ran like wind all the way, struggling to catch up. Most of the day passed, and Kua Fu was finally about to overtake the sun in Yugu, where the sun was supposed to fall. But as he got closer, he felt exhausted and extremely thirsty when a huge heat wave hit him all over. Then Kua Fu first came to the Yellow River, and drank the water there in one breath, and then at the Weihei River, he drank up all its water again. But that was still far from enough, and he ran to the north where there was a boundless ocean called Daze with abundant water. However, on the way, he ran out of energy. The moment he was about to fall, Kua Fu threw his cane out with his last bit of strength. The cane turn into a peach forest with luxuriant foliage and rich fruits. As precious gifts for the descendants, this peach grove served as a resting place and people passing by could enjoy the coolness in the shade and take peaches as food before they continued their journey.

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