About Us

Our Name

TAIKONG SKY comes from Chinese tai chi and kong fu.

Tai Chi refers vitality initially blended into the universe, Yin and Yang culture of China Tai Chi is rich in connotation, advocating a gentle, courteous and modest attitude towards life. Chinese kong fu complements hardness with softness, cultivates externally and internally, shining brilliantly in a series of action movies, getting popular all over the world after Bruce Lee collected hundreds of talents. Moreover, Chinese pronunciation of TAIKONG means space. TAIKONG SKY is located in Quanzhou which is the starting point of China ancient maritime silk road, TAIKONG SKY is devoted itself to propping up a stretch of sky, with the help of the internet, bringing the essence of Chinese traditional culture to the world.

Our Belief

We always Adhere to our belief, stay true to the mission, share a sober, wise, virtuous and broad life with people all over the world.

Our Audience

We are playing the role of a bridge, building a platform to promote Chinese culture, mainly dealing with Tai Chi clothing, featured accessories, elegant Qipao, Feng Shui, Ba Gua, Chinese calligraphy and so on. Welcome to visit our website.