Nüwa Patching the sky

After Gong Gong crashed into the Buzhou Mountain, the pillar of the sky fell down, and the rope tied to the southeast corner of the earth broke, thus turning the world into chaos. The torrential water of Milky Way poured down from the sky holes, and the earth became a vast ocean; the ground slit, the scalding magma splattered, and the conflagration raged all over the world. Although desperate of survival, human beings could do nothing bus cry in despair.

Nüwa Patching the sky Taikongsky

Seeing the dreadful disaster her offspring experienced, Nüwa was in deep sorrow and she was determined to save humanity by patching the sky. She searched the whole world, collected many colorful stones and melted them in the fire. These stones turned into gel-like multicolored liquid with heat. Then Nüwa climbed up the mountain to mend the sky holes of different sizes wiht these liquid. Being afraid of the sky’s collapse again, Nüwa came up with an idea to strengthen it when she finished the repairing work. She cut off the four legs of a giant turtle she found under water and took them as pillars to support the sky, replacing the Buzhou Mountain. Then she travelled a long distances and arrived in Central China, searching for black dragon which bullied and oppressed the masses during the chaos. The dragon was killed after a life-and-death struggle and people there could live a normal life. After that Nüwa blocked the raging flood with the ashes of reeds she collected from riverside. Finally with the sky repaired, the pillars were erected again, the flood receded. And the world restored its peace and tranquilness.

Nüwa Patching the sky-Taikongsky

Nüwa is regarded as the "mother of mankind" in ancient Chinese mythology. She not only created human, but also saved them in distress. As a figure of great importance in Chinese mythology system, Nüwa and her stories have been passed down by Chinese people for thousands of years.

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