The Beginning of the World

In the remote ages, the world was in complete indistinguishable chaos like a giant egg. Pan Gu, creator of the universe, was born in it. He grew bigger and stronger when sleeping in it for over 18,000 years. One day, Pan Gu suddenly woke up and saw nothing but darkness around him. Enraged by the narrowness and the darkness, Pan Gu grabbed a big axe out of nowhere and slashed around him vigorously. With a deafening blare shaking the world, the giant egg was split up and from it something clear and light ascended while something turbid and heavy descended, turning into the heaven and earth respectively.

Pan Gu The Beginning of the World Taikongsky

Being afraid of their folding-up again, Pan Gu stood and hung in there with his head up to sky and his feet down to earth. As the world continued to be expanded, Pan Gu grew in height as well. For another 18,000 years in this way, the heaven and were finally fixed when Pan Gu’s height stopped increasing at 90,00 li (about 45,000 kilometers). However, Pan Gu was exhausted and slammed down after such strenuous work for such a long time. With his death, his body underwent marvelous changes. His breath turned into the wind and the cloud, his voice into thunder; his left eye into the sun while his right eye into the moon; his limbs and body into the four poles of the earth and Five Mountains (Taishan Mountain in Shangdong, Huashan Mountain in Shaanxi, Songshan Mountain in Henan, Hengshan Mountain in Shanxi and Hengshan Mountain in Hunan); his blood into rivers and lakes, veins into thoroughfares, muscle into fertile soil, skin into flowers and trees; his teeth and bones into various metal and stones, marrow into pearls and jewelry, sweat into rain and shower. The rudiment of the beautiful world was formed.

Pan Gu The Beginning of the World Taikongsky

This is one of the oldest legends of Chinese nation. Later generations commemorate and recall Pan Gu in different ways. 30 li (about 15 kilometers) south of Biyang County, Henan Province lies a Pangu Mountain. The Pangu Mountain Temple Fair is held every year on the third day of the third lunar month, and on that day people from all directions will gather here for worship and blessing activities.

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