Nüwa Creating Human Beings

The world presented a picture of great vitality after Pan Gu’s creation. The Sun shined in the daytime while the moon glowed at night. The tress and grass flourished. And rivers never ceased to run. Nüwa was joyful to see this, but meanwhile she was always immersed in loneliness and felt something was missing.

Nüwa Creating Human Beings Taikongsky

One day Nüwa came to a river and her eyes unconsciously fell on the placid water. Seeing her reflection in the water, Nüwa was suddenly enlightened that he lack of creature of her own kind was the leading cause for her loneliness. With this thought, Nüwa dug out some soil, mixed it with water and kneaded and shaped it into a small muddy figure on the basis of her appearance. The muddy doll became alive once it fell on the ground, jumping up and down. On the sight of the little creature she made, Nüwa was filled with pleasure and she kept on making dolls with the hope that they could be everywhere on the earth. But merely on her own, there was hardly a chance that she could realize her dream. She paused to think and finally came up with a fantastic idea. Pulling a cane from the cliff, Nüwa thrust one end of the cane in the mud. And then she withdrew it from the mud and brandished it in the air. The mud on the cane was thrown towards the ground, where countless splashing mud drops turned into numerous small dolls. Afterwards, she made both boy dolls and girl dolls, letting them live together, marry conceive and raise their offspring. Human beings have thus survived from generation to generation.

Nüwa Fiesta, as one of the five great ancestral worship ceremonies in China, was listed in the first batch of the national-level "intangible cultural heritage" in folk category in 2006.

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