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The Goddess Chang’e Flying to the Moon

After the nine suns were shot down, Hou Yi reported to the emperor back in the heaven, but he did not even know ht met with a terrible disaster. It turned out that these suns were actually the emperor’s sons and the purpose of his sending Hou Yi was merely to warm his sons against being absurd. With his nine sons’ death, the emperor was furious, and he degraded Hou Yi and his wife Chang’e to be mortal, not allowing them to return to the heaven.

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Hou Yi Shooting the Sun

Legend has it that in ancient times there were ten suns in the sky. In Tanggu where the sun rose, there was a giant tree called Fusang, the home of these suns. Every morning when the night was coming to an end, one of the suns would rise into the sky, illuminate the ground, and emit light and provide heat for the world. Ten suns rotated every day and everything was well-regulated.

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